Women’s Health

Female intimate wellness is one of the fastest growing segments of anti-aging. Rejuvenation and restoration of the function and wellbeing of women’s health can be addressed at RUMA Aesthetics. Our women’s health specialist, Traci Andreason, can customize the perfect treatment plan to address your individual concerns and goals. She can address many concerns including urinary incontinence, vaginal dryness, lack of sensation, low libido, painful intercourse and laxity. Our women’s health treatments use the latest technology and methods including radio-frequency and PRP with minimal to no downtime. Women’s health anti-aging is an important aspect of improving women’s everyday lives.

FAQS - Viveve

How does the Viveve® System Work?

The energy is controlled by algorithms to deliver even and consistent energy deep into the tissues to encourage the healing response. The procedure is pain-free and has little to no downtime.

How many treatments are needed?

The Viveve® System achieves amazing results with no post-procedure downtime in only a single treatment.

What can I expect after the procedure?

Viveve produces outstanding results in 6-12 weeks through the remodeling of the vaginal tissue. It re-establishes a firmer, more youthful vaginal wall that gives you support for the urethra and surrounding tissues.  You can return to any normal activities directly after the procedure.

FAQS - Ohh Shot

Does it help with urinary incontinence?

Yes! Another benefit of the Ohh Shot is increased collagen production and tissue support, which results in decreased leakage.

Does it hurt?

The procedure is done with a local anesthetic to make you as comfortable as possible.

How many do I need?

It depends on the person, but most people need 2 or 3 treatments to reach full benefits.

How often do I need to get it done?

About one treatment once per year is the average frequency for maintenance of results.

Are results immediate?

While there may be some immediate improvement in sensation and leakage, the final result appears 4-8 weeks after injection

Can I get it while I'm breastfeeding?

Yes! Because we use a person’s own body’s PRP for injection, it is safe for breastfeeding mothers.

Viveve Treatment


The Viveve® System is the only single treatment option to resolve vaginal laxity,
incontinence, and dryness. It is a fantastic, one-time, 45-minute procedure to improve
symptoms of laxity, loss of sensation, urge incontinence, stress incontinence, and overactive bladder. The treatment uses cryogen-cooled monopolar radiofrequency (CMRF) to deliver gentle heating while cooling the delicate surface tissues. The non-invasive procedure stimulates the body’s natural collagen formation process. Viveve provides tightening of the entire vaginal area for increased pleasure during intimacy, greater bladder control, and invigorated vaginal tissue. This treatment is painless and has zero downtime. Typically, we recommend adding The Ohh Shot immediately post procedure to boost your results!

Ohh Shot

The Ohh Shot uses your body’s PRP to rejuvenate and boost female sexual health. Improvement in arousal, desire, and sensation are common positive effects of the treatment. The Ohh Shot can be done in a single treatment for $1,200 or, for best results, can be combined with the Viveve treatment for $1,000.

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